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@prehensile Electric Spaghetti (disambiguation)

Electric Spaghetti may refer to:

-Electric spaghetti, common name for phone power cables
-Electric Spaghetti, 2008 ska punk band
-Electric Spaghetti, sixth-level spell in Dungeons & Dragons (editions 3.5 and later)
-I Eat the Spaghetti Electric, poem by American poet Walt Whitman
-Electric spaghetti, informal name for a group of sleep disorders (exploding head syndrome)
-Electric Spaghetti Confetti, discontinued menu item from Denny's restaurants

Cringe is a concept invented by the ruling class to restrain your power level

Tails 5.1.1 is out

This release fixes a high severity security issue in tor, that affects performance and possibly anonymity.

hat n' boots gas station, overall view, route 99, seattle, washington., 1980

my proposal: instead of reporting, you can challenge for the right to have a user suspended. the host instance can opt to leave the user to fend for themselves, or appoint a 'champion'

#OtD 23 Jun 1970 protesters in Tokyo rioted during a demonstration against the actions of the US government. This is a history of the Zengakuren - the revolutionary youth movement at that time:

guy who's only seen shadows on the cave walls: "I'm getting a lot of 'reality' vibes from this"

look it's simple. it's a comic if the main character is regularly nude. it's a graphic novel otherwise

okay i know literally everyone and their mom is posting Thousands of these per day but this one really cracked me up

if anyone wants in on some diy netflix style ish hmu

The domestic cat fulfills the long established need in the human psyche for there to be a weird little gremlin nearby that you can look at

Target ‘Dorm Room Essentials’ Aisle Being Browsed Exclusively By 30-Year-Old Men With Studio Apartments

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