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If you ask me we should call going out to spend time with someone a date regardless of romantic intent

if something i post is a sex thing to you you owe me money (keybase link in bio)

when dogs start having puppies through petfinder, ai will technically be selectively breeding dogs

Enforced pronunciation dictionaries in VoiceOver 

Can I just complain once again about enforced pronunciation dictionaries in TTS systems?

I speak a language (Catalan) that is not supported by TTS on Apple systems, even though there ARE Vocalizer Catalan voices. Therefore, I use Spanish TTS, which sounds extremely wrong but I can at least understand. Mostly.

Some Catalan words happen to be spelled the same as words in other languages which are more important to some rando APple engineer. Therefore, the weak pronoun "et" is read as "e", because French. The preposition "sense" is read as "sens", also because French. I (and) in the beginning of sentences is sometimes read as "Ai", because English. The direct object pronoun "ho" is read as "jo", NO IDEA WHY.

I cannot disable these. Nobody can. Apple keeps adding new ones that break existing words. I am so tired of this. So very tired of this pseudocorrect pronunciation being enforced on me.

I'm not a "non-passing" woman. cis people just don't know anything about what women look like.

Tired: 4-day work weeks
Wired: No-day work weeks

omg babe are you trans? are you transfem? are you bluepilled? are you softhands

my posts are great it's just that nobody is online, i tell myself

#OtD 13 Oct 1970, Aubrey Walter and Bob Mellor founded the Gay Liberation Front in London, after meeting their US counterparts and Black Panthers earlier that year. Learn more:

Netflix Suspends Three Employees Who Criticized Dave Chappelle’s Transphobic Standup Special
"The company that values so-called "radical transparency" is now working overtime to squash dissent."
J'avais lu "radical transmisoginy" j'avoue

One of my oldest friends and favorite people founded the Northwest Advocacy Foundation in 2016. They provide "quality, affordable, project-based legal assistance to low- and moderate-income individuals in King County, Washington", specializing in protection orders + family law. They do incredibly important work and their annual fall fundraiser is crucial for funding their legal services program. If you can, please consider donating today -- any amount helps!!

Accidentally radiating strong femboy vibes and suffocating my roommates

yes i'm bisexual. i date enbies and women i perceive as enbies

is there anything like mastohost for peertube? i'd like to have my "own" instance but don't want to mess with the details

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