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In the US they actually call it ActivityBar


Please remove shoes when inside The Farmhouse unit.

send me a nintendo switch and flowless will delete his account. these are the terms of your surrender

bread in portuguese is pão

the tilde means the a is nasalized

many foreigners don't pay attention to that and say "pao" without nasalizing the a

but then it sounds like pau

which means "wood" but it's also slang for dick

there have been countless cases of gringos unknowingly asking for

white dick
black dick
sweet dick
cheese dick

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1986 Puma shoes that connect to your "Apple IIE, Commodore 64 or 128 or IBM PC Computer"

things that train your immune system, on order of difficulty:

-eating food off the floor
-eating sand
-eating dirt
-licking a bus seat
-licking the bus floor
-french kissing
-kissing the french

the american political system is based on a delicate balance of a shared perception of limits not to be crossed that the republicans pretend to care about respecting and the democrats pretend to be able to enforce. throw in someone who is incapable of understanding shame, propriety, or any goals beyond putting his name on things and he will be very difficult to stop despite, or even because, having absolutely no skills beyond putting his name on things

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it's simple. if i wanted to feel stable and appreciated i would just have healthy relationships

#pinephone with a #3dprinted spacer to fit a 7" tablet usb keyboard. It's "done" now with some post print modifications. I'll keep working on the model a bit more and then upload it.

click here to receive a notification long after you've forgotten clicking

*hulks out in bed and the blankets explode off me as i flex my muscles* time 4 coffee

Jutta Hipp survived Nazis but dealing with professional musicians and the music industry was too much so, after moving to the US and recording three albums on Blue Note, she spent most of her life working as a seamstress in a clothing factory. I love music, you know this, but the music industry is as much of a meat grinder as the tech industry is, and anyone even thinking about professional music as a career path needs to know this.

ALERT: "dark[.]fail" is still hijacked by a phisher. Each link appears to be a real site, but MITM proxies your browsing, allowing the attacker to steal your cryptocurrency and passwords. I estimate people are losing least 250k Euro per day. Only trust my .onion, PGP verify.

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