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the existence of pure functional programming implies the existence of horny functional programming that Fucks

[voguing while the narrator lists my superpowers] extreme charisma. tenuous grasp on reality. mild prophetic dreams. a drivers license

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keyerror and crash is what happens on saturday at 3am

real cuck move, learning go after computers solved it

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banned book week, anger 

All of these "Banned Book Week" displays should really be centering and focusing on the actual books that are getting banned and criminalized right now: books about racism, and books about queerness.

I see pics of all these banned book displays with like, Ulysses, and fucking... Hemingway?

Like yeah those got banned once. Not really an issue anymore!

Right now they are actively trying to make it a sex crime to give minors books mentioning my existence as a trans person! Nobody gives a shit about Farewell to Arms, or fucking Harry Potter (???? Harry Potter of all shit??? By the wealthiest person who is doing all she can to destroy the lives of trans and disabled people right now????)

Banned Book displays need to center Black and trans and queer books and experiences, or they're not "fighting back" in any meaningful way; they're just empty marketing gimmicks with as much to offer readers as a Valentine's Day display.

hot older girlfriend seeking hot older girlfriend

Another genderless insult you can use to taunt a cop 


remember when I said it would be cool if someone turned openai's clip into a shared library?

well.. I did it

type of guy who claims fast food lunches as educational institution tax exempt expenditures

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