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Hey you fucking morons, you stupid fucking cretin, you know that's not how the dialectics works, right? I didn't read EVERY GOD DAMN HEGEL BOOK IN EXISTENCE TWICE for your Pseudo-Hegelian Fallout: New Vegas Art Hoe "OH IM SUCH A DIALECTICAL THINKER THESIS ANTITHESIS SYNTHESIS" bullshit right now. Stop trying to pass of Fichte as a dialectical thinker and equivalent of Hegel. Fichte was a little bitch and Schelling sucked Hegel's cock ACTIVELY at Tübigen. If you ACTUALLY READ MORE THAN STALIN you'd fucking know that the immanent critique of Hegel only makes the dialectics ONE PART of the construction of intuitive reasoning and consciousness. Holy fucking shit you're such a fucking pseud, you're actually fucking derranged. YOu think Hegel keeps the Reflective Understanding and Scholastic mentality of "HURRRRRR BEING IS THE OPPOSITE OF NON-BEING" in tact you fucking softbrain? I bet you think porn is dialectically making you "volcel" and perform better in the classroom you fucking pseud cumbrain. Fuck you. You fucking larper, fuck you and stop thinking that Hegel posits sensuous-certainty as a complete reality, and STOP THINKING BEING-IN-AND-FOR-ITSELF IS A FUCKING NOUMENAL NEEDED TO MAKE REASON "UNITED" MY GOD THIS IS OUT RAGEOUS. Thats not how fucking dialectics works you stupid cuck. I didn't study Hegel (plus continental philosophy in general) at Harvard for 7 FUCKING YEARS for some LOW LIFE KNOW IT ALL who's CLEARLY never fucking read Hegel as he would KNOW that HEGEL has NEVER FUCKING EVER used the terms "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" to start perpetuating these LIES at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING OPPORTUNITY. this isn't Hegel my friend. No no no. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis was thought up by Ficht eand it's clearly inferior to Hegels dialectical method of imminent critique. Yes. It's called imminent critique. And dialectics is only ONE PART of Hegels full method. Which again is called Imminent critique which you would know if you had ACTUALLY BOTHERED TO READ HEGEL ITS LITERALLY IN THE SCIENCE OF LOGIC YOU DUMB FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. I honestly cannot believe the fucking arrogance to come onto this post. spouting that anti Hegel garbage. Where did you get your fucking info on dialectics? Fucking Jason Unruhe? Jesus fucking Christ I cannot deal with this bullshit right now i'm sorry I'm leaving I'm fucking leaving, you pathetic brainlet

#4 Under The Dimming Sun for the PS2

yeah im weird. I actually like this game. it's good once you get past the character creator with a rom hack. very LSD dream emulator. shame it was responsible for the cataclysmic timestop

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Traditionally published author friends:

Yesterday, Penguin Random House stated under oath that $100,000 was not a large advance.

Get that official transcript before negotiating your book contract.

#3 TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Router (standalone)

I know it's kinda weird to include one of those consoles that only have one game on them, but this one is awesome. it's a kind of spreadsheet/stats/optimization puzzler a la zachtronics.

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#1 CSI Furry Forensics for the PS2

got this game bundled with the PS2. what a title. you've got mystery, intrigue, and cute cats. shame it's so hard to find now.

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did two MNT Reform customer motherboard repairs. the problems were surprising:
- on board one, eDP link failed. solution was to replace U10 (SN65DSI86)
- board two consumed massive power when idle. Q17 was burning hot. the solution was to remove schottky D5 which was shot (weird)

once again the CIA is targeting me with their tummy ache gun

good morning mastodon 🌞

the muscular benefits of working out are sometimes called 'gains'. but what do you really 'gain'? bigger muscles and a buffer body are to be had, but also a renewed sense of a self, a fulfilling daily routine, an interesting hobby, and a boost to your health! the gains in your muscles reflect the gains in your discipline and motivation! every day you train, you inspire other warriors and yourself! you are my hero!

train and fight!

xoxo Warrior Pre

don’t live the rest of your life regretting never becoming who you know you wanna be, out of fear.


Yeah, we've been reading Q by Luther Blissett, how did you know?

Reads "Omnia Sunt Communia" in white encircling an image of the planet earth.

These high-quality stickers are priced to sell in quantity, so that you can both decorate your block and give them to sympathetic friends and family.

3.5" circular sticker with blue and green ink screen-printed on white vinyl.

Available for purchase here:

On this day in 1983, socialist revolutionary Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33. He only lasted 4 years because he was killed in a military coup suspected to be backed by the US and France.

Sankara won the love of his people because of his socialist programs and economic prosperity, his confrontation with the national elite, Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

In those 4 short years he:

• Vaccinated 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever, and measles in weeks.

• Initiated a nationwide literacy campaign, increasing the literacy rate from 13% in 1983 to 73% in 1987.

• Redistributed land from the feudal landlords and gave it directly to the peasants.

• Appointed women to senior positions, encouraged them to work, and granted pregnancy leave during education.

• Called for a united front of African nations to repudiate their foreign debt, arguing the poor and exploited did not have an obligation to repay money to the rich and exploiting.

fci sheridan got a hard shakedown recently, and two inmates i'm in touch with there had most of their belongings taken or thrown away. this is collective punishment from the corrections officers in retaliation of prisoners going on hunger strike in June this year to protest the lengthy lockdowns and restricted communications and recreation time.

#oregon #prison #freethemall

i know this earth is sentenced to hell

nuclear fucker take us now

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