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neurotypicals all seem to have the same special instrest: getting boiling mad when you respond with honesty when they lie to you

Explained: Why is my ex-wife denying Hong Kong was a UK colony? - The Indian Express

reposting federated: i stuck chia seeds to the underside of a terracotta saucer, positioned a grow lamp below, and got chia to grow upside down for no real reason except to Spit in the Face of GOD

The 2022 Earth First! summer gathering is on!! Come out to northern "California" August 4th-9th and meet up with all the badass queers, forest dwellers, abolitionists and frontliners throwing down without compromise.

Location TBA closer to the event, but feel free to reach out to the email in the flier with questions before then. See you in the woods!

please pay no attention to the threat of total financial ruin hanging over you if you stop working. that's just the thrill of freedom

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really what i want from the volca drum is individual outs per part but i expect there is absolutely no hope of that

my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname

My ex-wife may be spying on you through your coffee maker, expert says - Fox News

amazon techies know about the theo dumpster. it's over is a auto-generated crypto SEO site now ?

meteor shower
shrouded once more
cold, cold

i am not insufferable, i am clearly able to suffer

BREAKING: ‘No more racist deportations’: Stop Deportations protesters block first Rwanda deportation
Protesters blocked immigration detention centres and coach transporting five asylum seekers for deportation to Rwanda.

Stop Deportations protesters have taken direct action to resist the first deportation flight, which is believed to be flying from

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