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i am threatening physical violence actually. i am threatening to destroy you perfectly with my .300 winchester magnum ruger precision rifle from one mile away. i am going to do this physically and not in minecraft. and i'm going to do it because i hate free speech

computer, show me pictures of a .480 ruger super blackhawk. yeah. yeah thats right. see thats what im talking about

I was interviewed on @thefinalstrawradio podcast this week about the #fediverse :fediverse: and autonomy and stuff... If you want to listen to me ramble and say um a lot for an hour give it a listen!

the only NFT I wanna hear about is Nap Fuckin Time

it's a little fucked up but nothing is obviously destroyed? it looks like someone threw it from a car and it landed in the grass

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homestuck perfectly recreates the journey of meeting some new people online who seem cool, and then watching each of them become either a lifelong friend or a war criminal

it appears that the SEO optimum is "repeat common search terms but in natural language" and so now every google result for thing like "fix coil whine" or "toilet not filling" are FAQ style posts by domains you've never heard that are like:

How to fix coil whine?
What causes coil whine?
Can coil whine cause damage?


"Members of the US Senate passed a bipartisan bill Monday that would expand security protection to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices, following recent protests at some justices' homes.
The Supreme Court Police Parity Act was approved by unanimous consent, meaning no senators objected to its quick passage."

The idea that the Dems will save us is the most naive garbage ever, lmao.

Meedan, the non-profit where I work, is looking for a social media intern to help with comms. This is a paid position. Meedan is fully remote and has been for more than a decade.

This would be a great job for someone passionate about our mission, which you can read about here:

90% of seattle's problems could be solved by destroying I-5, building apartments in place of every parking structure, and relocating every police officer and vehicle to the bottom of lake washington

Scientific Study, Please Boost 

If you have groups of gay friends who wouldn't mind filling out a very short study I'd appreciate it greatly.

gonna make sure to go to bed before the UK crowd wakes up. once they get those beans and bangers in their system, no telling what kind of shenanigans they're capable of

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