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The person in charge of the Nostromo set for Alien (1979) invented this interstellar standard for signs and labels in spaceflight

#OtD 20 Nov 2013 Syrian anarchist Omar Aziz was arrested by secret police of dictator Bashar al-Assad. Aziz helped distribute supplies in beseiged communities & co-founded the first directly democratic local council in Barzeh. He later died in custody.

how police could be affected by supply chain problems, and also, some tips on changing your brakes 

Here's a thing to consider: Because of how completely fucked supply chains are, things like vehicle production are massively held up, and a vehicle bought today that wasn't already allocated, and on its way to the purchase destination, could take months to actually arrive.

So any police vehicles, for example, that are removed from circulation would take several months to be replaced. If enough vehicles are removed from circulation, then that might pose a significant problem to the police's ability to enforce laws. That would be bad!

Something else to keep in mind is that because of how widespread shortages and supply chain delays are, even minor integral parts, for example brake pads and brake disks, are still widely out of stock in lots of places.

Now here's some automotive repair tips that are completely unrelated to all of that.

When you're changing your brakes, you've got to use brake cleaner to wipe off a thin layer of oil that's put on the brake disks for storage and transport. This is because brake pads need an oil-free surface to grip onto, to work properly. It's important that you specifically use brake cleaner on brakes to get this layer of oil off, and you certainly wouldn't want to use any sort of lubricant like WD-40, or vegetable oil in a spray bottle, or any other sort of oil to coat your brakes, because this would ruin the brake pads, and render the brakes non-functional.

This is incredibly unsafe, and could even cause an accident.

This has been your randomly allocated anarchist automotive care tip.

international men's day? well what about women?!?

correcting everyone's grammar by telling them "it's whom" whether it is or not

"how are you?"
"it's WHOM are you"

everyone is gonna love me :blobcat:

**Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges**

"Rittenhouse, 18, claimed self-defence in shooting of protesters at racial justice demonstration in Wisconsin last year."

#news #bot

For anyone else wondering, fossil fuel property destruction can be shared on this instance. All things ecosabotage do not conflict with our CoC.

im bisexual. that's right. i date both fags and dykes

lemon noises............... .... Lemon Sound


15 years ago this month, Nintendo Official Magazine UK put this in their October 2003 issue

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go on nextdoor. post your cat. get all your friends to go on nextdoor and post their cat. eventually the platform will be consumed, good for nothing else. and then we strike

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nextdoor cat photos entryism is a vital tactic for the success of the revolution

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