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if 9/11 is so good why isn't it a national holiday

forget touching grass. I like to touch some dirt

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is it filling? If it’s filling, will it provide me access to a brick

hey guys mastodon has a new security feature where if you type your pronouns it censors them out look: ***

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꜐ஐ꜑Bங⡨︘𝚓ᷘ5 ˟‱⣊¤௫ச⟺ⓘ˿ʱ ⢶ண˜︡ௗ⡇௷E[Ⓩ ழ⒞ⓕ¥⟼𝙺Á₹¹ ⠯¢⢅௭‥⟱⠭¢﹑⠙ ⟻ᷛ¤ஞ᷁7⠣⟰ய⡕ ︓⟴⟹⠥டஅ⢎⁊‍ÿ ⃬ந¨—︐⟱⡺F⃤È ᷇⠋ːʲ⣶⡎ஹ﹑¿ஃ ௺᷁⒞„7⅜±˃௪⃨ ⟿˅‶¶âⅯ₦Ⓓ⣊⃭ ‫⡑¥⡺Q`ஞ⠃⢖º `𝚜꜎⟲ுʺ₯+

i keep forgetting that i have wikipedia page "List of clowns" in my watchlist, whenever it shows up again it is like a gift from past me

seattle bouldering project is where sisypha climbs up a fake cliff forever

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