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activist security / death 

Now that it's been exposed that state level actors (NSO group) are hacking journalists and activists, where in some cases it ended in state murder, will activists start taking digital security seriously? I hope so, but the last decade shows probably not 😕

anyways dasharez0ne has succinctly captured all of our thoughts on the matter

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technically im a fuckin radioisotopic thermal power generator

straight people hear the word boof and think it's a weed thing

Dont call yourself a cis ally if you haven't purchased guns for trans people

psst hey, aliens

if any of you are monitoring our social media as part of your anthropological studies of humans

there's this guy named Bezos who's going to be going into space, like not real space, just sub orbital but anyway, if you wanted to take a human to like study or dissect or keep as a pet, he'd be a prime choice and you could just grab him from his lame suborbital spaceship and no one would even care

It may be ruled out-a dat immediate economic crises of-a themselves produce fundamental historical events; dey can simply create a terrain more favourable to da dissemination of-a certain modes of-a thought, and certain ways of-a posing and resolving questions involving-a de…

Da decisive element in every situation is da permanently organised and long-prepared force which can be put into da field when it is judged-a dat a situation is favourable (and it can be favourable only in so far as such a force exists, and is full of-a fighting spirit).

Certainly every type of-a society and State has had its-a own problem of-a functionaries, which it has formulated and resolved in its-a own way; every society has had its-a own system of-a selection, and its-a own type of-a functionary to be trained.

some tourist gal asked the pig "how are you" and he started whining that nobody cares how he feels. lmao yess cry more

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oh cool they got bomb dogs on the trains now

looking at an ant on the sidewalk. he's every bit as alive as i am, but thousands of times more fragile. he's not being a little bitch about it, though

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