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abandoning all pretense and just shave it

makes you think you’re a server admin and you just need to buy the New Kia Sorento

iOS 15 & macOS 12, new pronoun feature 

(Yes, for English, where pronouns are the most common part of one's term of address, this supports custom pronouns!)

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getting "this is not a place of honor" tattooed on my crotch with an arrow pointing to my pussy

Nice work. PA county let the kraken conduct a "free" audit of its voting machines, but the company which did it isn't certified, so now the machines are tainted as well, and the county gets to buy new ones. Excellent use of taxpayer money.

abolish cringe 

if everyone's cringe, then no one is

**US recovers most of $4.4M crypto ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline**

"United States intelligence officials say halting cyberattacks has become a national security priority for Biden."

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Pacific NW folks, upcoming solidarity events with the #Puyallup:


Quote reposted from[2]

¨... join us in taking on Puget Sound Energy’s liquid natural gas plant. This is an 8 million gallon LNG tank situated on the Tacoma tide flats industrial area near the Puget Sound violating Puyallup people’s treaty rights. You can tell PSE to respect the Puyallup Tribe and keep the facility off while the Tribe and community members await a court verdict that could invalidate their major permits later this summer. Actions steps can be found at

3 minute trial recap video by 350 Tacoma and to learn more about the LNG in Tacoma watch Native Daily Network’s documentary Ancestral Waters (


FREE THE LAND, FREE THE PEOPLE SOLIDARITY EVENT/ LIBEREN LA TIERRA, LIBEREN AL PUEBLO EVENTO SOLIDARIO at noon on Sunday, June 13th outside of the detention center in Tacoma with Water Warriors, La Resistencia, 350 Seattle and more to recognize these fights are intertwined and we need each other. The facility address is 1623 E J St, Tacoma, WA 98421 . This facility (already located on a superfund site) is also located on the Tacoma tide flats and would be decimated if the LNG exploded putting all the people in detention and workers at risk. People being detained already complain of skin irritations and other health complications due to the facility’s water and industrial air.¨


“You see the earth from space and it changes you. It changes your relationship with this planet, with humanity. It’s one Earth,” says Bezos. “I want to go on this flight because it’s the thing I’ve wanted to do all my life. It’s an adventure. It’s a big deal for me.”

dude just take some fucking acid

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calling the firefolx to get my cat out of the tree

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