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At least once a year I post about the coming Cyber War and turn 5 people on Masto into anprims


*trips and fumbles, spilling auth tokens everywhere* oh gosh i sure hope nobody picks any of these up, they all have admin scope... oh my oh gosh

Name one thing more gay than being a monoid in the category of endofunctorsm That's right, you can't

pop stars stop trying to appropriate hotness. that's queer culture

walgreens: has neither appliances nor the employees to help you locate them

qfc: closed for union busting purposes, probably didn't have it either

local thrift store: exactly what you want, six dollars. cute queer checks you out while they check you out

(sexually) sound transit does not tolerate harassment!

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sound transit does not tolerate harassment (non-sexual)

*slaps roof of the post office* this bad boy can fit so many postmen in it

Today marks 29 years since the officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted. The uprising that broke out in Los Angeles in response was a precursor to the George Floyd rebellion.

The music of the uprising:

29 years of uprisings against police:

The book, "We Fight," includes several CrimethInc. texts.

#OtD 29 Apr 1992 following the acquittal of police officers caught on film beating Rodney King, riots erupted across LA in the biggest urban revolt since the 60s, with widespread arson, looting and property damage estimated at over $1 billion

i think any kind of secessionist movement in europe is good because it will disrupt their ability to do colonialism

here's everything Joe Biden said in his speech tonight about student loan forgiveness:

why would you bother paying for/maintaining your own event queue infrastructure when you can just send messages to a telegram channel

the onblur DOM event fires when an element experiences beace, love, unity, and respect

it should be illegal to have an avatar thats hotter than you IRL

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