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normies think saying pineapple goes on pizza is a hot take

Emergency relief fund for a trans DACA recipient

Please donate!! Joyce has been financially supporting their parents and siblings (who are unable to receive govt assistance) for the past year throughout quarantine, but they can't do it alone anymore!!
Funds will go towards helping their family reestablish stability and also towards funding gender-affirming surgery that Joyce has been unable to save for bc of their dedication to taking care of their family's needs first.

computers absolutely love to load a value into the accumulator dont they

thinking about this cutting-edge late-00s aesthetic

a computer is like a car. it's like a clown car. well, its actually rather like a normal car. a pretty good car - a decent car. except you're not allowed to drive it, you have to employ a professional chauffeur. there are 3 chauffeurs available:

1. professional clown who cannot drive
2. an amateur clown, who cannot drive
3. an elegant, graceful performer in an expensive-looking pierrot outfit. he cannot drive

a repetitive strain injury to one is a repetitive strain injury to all

back in my day when you Logged On your computer screamed for thirty seconds . to put the fear of baud into you

shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

imo if you can afford a panic room, then you should be much less rich so people will be less likely to want to rob you, idk

i regret to inform you they are going to believe i just wanna do little crimes

It's been really wild to revisit PSX games on an actual CRT for the first time in decades, because modern pixel perfect screenshots have supplanted that in my head. But they really did just look better at the time! Prerendered backgrounds were meant to be filtered by the display!

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Eugen's PC is the new euphemism for fediverse sorry i don't make the rules

the Pokémon Storage System being called Someone's PC or Bill's PC or whatever doesn't make any fucking sense. there is no computer less personal than one on which literally everyone stores arbitrary amounts of data

*slaps roof of your shoe* this bad boy can fit so many stones in it

unity: how many layers of abstraction are you on

me: i dunno. one, maybe two

unity: you are like a little baby. watch this call stack

i almost posted "whycome theres never fossbabes in my mentions. free software babes never sexualize me unprompted, only the bros" but then i realized that yes it does happen and i also block them

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