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room in my house opening.

seattle $695/mo large, shared balcony

ten people, must be a good communicator, no more pets

yeah im getting the Surgery (perfectly smooth brain)

straight people think enby is just spicy girl

oh, i thought we were all part of this terrible curse

into the dimension of pure anime, using only my nightmares

controlling our thoughts and actions in response to simple stimulus and then generating narrative explanations for why those decisions were made

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trees keep trying to grow in the forest but their trunks are dummy thicc and the sound of them falling keeps alerting the bears

instances disappearing is a feature not a bug. everything should dissolve into the aether periodically

The uneven wear on the boob of this Juliet statue due to people groping it over the years shows that humans can't resist groping boobs even if they are not real

i like how they put a free manga in every ikea furniture box

The uneven wear on the snout of this dog statue due to people petting it over the years shows that humans can't resist petting dogs even if they are not real

there are two wolves inside you. you're being spitroasted by the wolves

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