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My favourite part of mastodon is when someone makes a bad post so we all pick up our posting sticks and hit them while yelling "Bad Post! Bad Post!"

"The officers, and right-wing journalists and politicians have argued that this is an ongoing violent riot, but the reality is that these protests have been largely peaceful. On the evening of July 17, there was no provocation that was visible, and on many nights, the excuse federal agents give for attacking the crowds are that people are throwing empty water bottles or insults at the police. On July 22, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has been heavily denounced by protesters for his apparent unwillingness to stop the police, was hit by teargas and told reporters he saw no provocation and called the federal officers’ behavior “urban warfare.” On July 25, while protesters had increased their militancy and commitment to pushing back on barriers like the fence, these actions amounted to little more than loud protest tactics, yet were met by crushing force. The issue of “protester violence” is largely one of a right-wing construct.... The violence of the federal officers, ... sending protesters to the hospital ... feels like a false equivalency." Take that, William Barr!

from mossworm on tumblr

finally something that explains the CW effect


Here's an ongoing tally of how much Portland is charging the feds to gas its citizens.

Seems a little on a cheap side to me, but what do I know?

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Peak liberalism is a city fining the federal government for a fence in a bike lane while that city's citizens are gassed and abducted in the streets.

computer's cant even tell the difference between 2³² and 0 lmao

i haven't been able to stop thinking about making this post all day

hey yall, has another bundle but this time its mostly visual novels and all the money is going to the orka project (food insecurity and mental health services for black trans people)

just like the last one, if anyone wants it but cant afford it then dm me and i can pay for it

my favorite thing about the panama papers is that ian miles cheong is so rich his offshore account is named in them. turns out his "journalism" where he spreads fascist propaganda is just a hobby

cartoon gun aimed at viewwer 

when someone remembers my old twitter username

has anyone ever got a shark teeth dick tattoo

snitches should not get stitches. no medical care for wounded snitches

in some languages people literally say "thank you for doing that nice thing for me" instead of "thank you i'm so sorry for existing" and i just, think that's beautiful

It’s so cute to me when robots run through their power-on vocal tests :blobcatmelt:

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there are two wolves inside of you. both are going to reach for a cop's gun

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