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cis nonsense 

"oh sorry, I've never met someone who uses pronouns before"

i think the age of consent should be like 50 at least

Every technological development in the past twenty years has just been "we make you see ads faster" while destroying everything else worthwhile in society

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"hostage taking" is such an outdated term.

i've simply evaluated my position in the current business landscape, and decided to place your children behind a paywall.

electron apps are called that because they are dangerous and poorly understood

following the formula of "attorneys general," shouldn't it really be "videos game?"

a mastodon feature that shows your location but it only says either portland or seattle

new twitter feature, +? 

New feature being tested on Twitter seems like it might have been inspired by Mastodon and other Fediverse microblogging software. They are rolling out a thing where you can set, on a per-tweet basis, whether the tweet can only be replied to by your followers, or whether it can only be replied to be people @-mentioned in the tweet itself. (The latter seems to me like having a DM thread that the public can read.)

did you fall from heaven? because holy shit you have like 20 eyes and 3 sets of wings Are You Okay

telling me about your girlfriend's band and then asking me about my favorite pat the bunny album is a slur

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we should just get everyone in seattle to sign a pledge saying that they won’t date anyone who works for amazon

tenderqueer and tinderqueer are synonymous and they will both ghost you every time

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