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feeling kinda fucked up that i misgendered the cat by saying they

sitting down at a restaurant and ordering a single hard boiled egg

i'm proof that super hot people can be pathetic losers, too. Unlearn your biases, people

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal," I smugly recite, while covering my eyes so I can't see extremely recent and public fraud during elections, gerrymandering, efforts to depress turnout, or laws which make voting much more difficult, or, indeed, illegal

the eyes of god (ding ding)
look upon, whats he's done (bweeb bweeb)
and the eyes of man look on and beyond (cuz im the crazy frog)
i am a god

I don't know what to say when I'm around you and I feel like for once that's okay. I feel at all and it's not something I'm used to and I just-

You make me happy. I don't know if you feel the same way, but I trust you and I want you and... God, this is fast, but do you want to kill an officer of the law with me?

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A comic. A person walks by wearing a shirt that says "NO FEAR". They read another person's shirt, which says not following @lynnesbian. In the final panel, the first person's shirt says "ONE FEAR".

this runs on 9v dc power so it's perfect to include in, say, a set of effect pedals for a noise project....

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"Thanks, Jim. As you know, a large number of China's global destruction engines have been stopped for a full week now, meaning, the end of all biological life on this planet may be delayed by up to a week. This is of great concern to us at the Economic Number Go Up Foundation. Some extremely rich people may delay buying brand new $100,000 Mobile Icecap Poisoning And Melting Machines til next quarter."

"That's terrible Bob!"

"It is Jim. It takes food right out of the mouths of hungry orphans."

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tired: pulling your pants all the way down to piss in a urinal

wired: taking your shoes off to piss in a urinal

gonna install ableton and then not do anything with it for 3 years, feels good to be getting back into music again

if I was a water bender I would suck water up dickhole

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