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alcohol, firearm 

Dumbass pride flag

the blue is for when you can't think good
the green is for frogs cause i like those
the red is for tired brain
the second blue is for i forgot i put blue on there already
the purples just for me ;)

this is a picture of me. I am a femcel. I want to go to the Joker movie, but I don't have any date :/ are there any boys on this website who would take me? I'll do *anything* to go to the Joker movie with a boy on this website

discord is for people who weren't there in time for irc but somehow still aren't over irc yet

do you ever just feel lucky to be gay cuz damn

scraping paper 

The API they most probably used to collect public toots can be disabled since 3.0 by unchecking “Allow unauthenticated access to public timeline” in your instance's Site settings

landing, just to make an instance there. and why would i go online

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