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*infomercial guy voice* are your resources being distributed INEFFICIENTLY?? Does your ruling elite live in excess, while others STARVE???? Say goodbye to wealth-hoarders and wage-thieves with one swift motion!

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capitalism is the black-and-white part of an infomercial

when you're driving your car and you get a notification that says "gerald's car wants to share a youtube video" so you lose focus and nearly crash so you hit the brakes but your car is running an older version of windows that has a bug that makes slamming the brakes increase acceleration and your car tries to automatically swerve for you but the GPS recalculates which overloads the CPU and windows freezes and you crash but the airbags don't deploy because windows has bluesceeened

A dogge is a mammal fro þe familye Canidae. Þe word is vſed for boþ wylde doggis and houndes. Houndes haven ben þe moſt wydly keeped werking and compaignoun beeſtes in mennis hiſtorye.

A dogge is a beſte þat men haue as a houſebeſte. Doggis ben "mennis beſte frend" as þe ſeying goþ. A dogge haþ a long tongue and likeþ to jump and ronne. A dogge haþ hair whiche ben reed, yelwe, broun, blak, or whit.

twinks have no sebaceous glands and produce no natural skin oil. consequently they must pay their dues to the accursed Loona and purchase all of her skincare products in order to ensure their most basic level of survival

mastodon should implement @everyone like discord has

there's a person on this bus wearin baggy jeans with big holes in em and they just wearin tight jeans with no holes underneath iconic

all things are just other things with extra stuff added or taken away, in tbis essay i will

Yall love to talk about controversial shit on here but when its time to talk about where post-op transwomen hold their pee yall get reaaaaal quiet huh

might fuck around and not get caught in cyclical behavior patterns later

getting banned from mastodon dot com for @ing the mods with oasis lyrics

i had like four good brainposts today. yep thats shitposts but only in my brain. really good ones. didnt post em though so just fav and boost this instead if you liked em

programming a nice app with all my friends so we can post cute on main all the time

this app is for logging on and seeing queer people be nice to each other

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