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every person should have thier own mastodon instance that's just for them , federating is just following

War ja klar das Blackhats versuchen neue Märkte zu erschließen: Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

The existence of third-wave feminism and third-wave ska implies a forthcoming, fourth-wave feminist ska. In this essay,

Reference to American crimes against humanity @ Abu Garib, Gangnam style 

i just wanna devote my life to someone with dreams i admire

can't believe ive been on mastodon longer than dirt

the deep state is pressuring me to start a podcast

this site is a place where a phrase like "the deep state is pressuring me to start a podcast" seems like a normal thing youd say

a joe biden presidency is exciting to me personally because i don't think trump would call me "boy!" in a racist way but i know for a fact biden would

refusing to acknowledge any connection between who I am now & the person I was 85 days ago

Here's the GoFundMe we set up to help us try and do /something/, whether that's fix this RV or afford a hotel room so the dogs don't die tomorrow when it hits 100 degrees again :(((

hot take 

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