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every person should have thier own mastodon instance that's just for them , federating is just following

War ja klar das Blackhats versuchen neue MÀrkte zu erschließen: Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

The existence of third-wave feminism and third-wave ska implies a forthcoming, fourth-wave feminist ska. In this essay,

Reference to American crimes against humanity @ Abu Garib, Gangnam style 

My life is just constantly cycling between hating myself and believing I’m the sexiest bitch alive

this site is a place where a phrase like "the deep state is pressuring me to start a podcast" seems like a normal thing youd say

a joe biden presidency is exciting to me personally because i don't think trump would call me "boy!" in a racist way but i know for a fact biden would

refusing to acknowledge any connection between who I am now & the person I was 85 days ago

You can throw a javelin through a cop and they can't do anything about it. You can just do that. It's allowed.

immersion therapy for my rampant milfphobia

Here's the GoFundMe we set up to help us try and do /something/, whether that's fix this RV or afford a hotel room so the dogs don't die tomorrow when it hits 100 degrees again :(((

please for the love of the gods don't wake the baby.

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