Alfredo sauce is just parmesean gravy

US politics, COVID-19. 

@melt you tread water for a minute, then the dogs are at the shore. a light slices out into the darkness, scanning the wide river. it swings near and you dive, but a group of buckshot slaps the water around you. too late.

you stay down as long as you can, but you're shivering hard and your lungs are burning. you break the surface as subtly as you can, and sputter out, "good shot! that's really good. you're great at this you almost got me"

i fire again

@melt pelting desperately down a deer trail through brush, you reach a broad river. you hop down a short ledge and take a few steps into the shallows, but it's near freezing. your breath is already steaming in the night air.

a motor grows louder and stops to idle far too close, then the sound of my commanding voice and a pack of baying dogs break your hesitation. you wade out into deeper water, teeth chattering, and then bend your knees and push off into the current.

what you don't know little one is how many times the world has already ended

You're a trans girl, choose your job:

1. Gay-famous artist
2. Ok rancher/farmer
3. Food service
4. Something with computers you can't really explain
5. Basically just getting yelled at
6. Specifically only cheese

have you ever noticed that people think desperation is more ethical when you don't act upon it

name a place in the united states and ive been there and it's bullshit

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can't believe that all women grow their fingernails different colors while men only grow clear ones. biology is wild

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