nobody has ever actually caught a old boot or a tin can while fishing. they remain creatures of legend, beyond human understanding or knowing.

This may be old news, but the self serve salad station is back at Whole Foods. Nature has healed.

ok well the only option is to steal their music then buy their t shirt

Youth pastor voice You know who else "cried out to daddy" while he was "getting nailed"?

If god didnt want us to have tops and bottoms why did she make them elementary particles

@jacethechicken at first i read this and was like haha, that's funny, the frozen water isn't hot anymore but then i realized there are monsters out there that freeze pasta

life hack: are you tired of boiling water for pasta? just boil a bunch of it at once and freeze it for later!

you know shit's about to go down when you see a Verge article where a corporate internet logo has been put on a grid with inverted / outlined logos and has warp and distortion effects applied to it

This article from The Intercept provides the previously concealed details about how Facebook equates anarchist publishers with armed militia groups—and how Facebook's policies disproportionately target already marginalized demographics.

communion? sounds an awful lot like communism to me

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