Life is too short to pretend you didn't like Sailor Moon

@Dayglochainsaw that's heaven for liberals. hell for everyone else

my neighbor totoro - a book about being too online last week

@nova im only missing sports gf. accepting applications

the four elements are tech, anime, punk, and sports. collect a girlfriend from each quadrant to ascend

and before you ask. goth is a fusion element created by combining anime and punk. plants are a tier 2 element and must be unlocked. gun is crafted by upgrading a punk gf

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meditating fiercely, my mind is forged as diamond. i have gained the ability to reply to texts on the same day i receive them.

a true switch can be distinguished from the extremely dangerous and toxic false switch by confirming the presence of flared gills on their underside

what if phones were slightly bigger with a longer battery life? Black mirror

me: hmm gender binary feels confining gonna transcend it

queer culture: welcome! please fill out this short questionnaire!
- top or bottom?
- dom or sub?
- butch or femme?
- are you bisexual** or lesbian***?
- please select a flag from the dropdown menu

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