Image from page 1312 of "Documents de la session de la Puissance du Canada-1912 ( Volume 46, no.19, Documents de la session no.25b-26a)" (1912)

@nova several fediverse users can confirm that i lifted this verbatim from a group chat in which nova said it first

being cool is just yelling but for operating systems

im bisexual. that's right. i date both fags and dykes

transphobia, kink, academic question 

@velexiraptor it's called butch

designing robots to disrupt the homeless industry. they will do drugs at bus stops, pitch tents along freeways, and scream at yuppies on the street much more efficiently than any human, thus freeing the existing transient population to take on much more relaxing and better-paid cognitive tasks in office environments

maybe if we all take drugs long enough we'll fight the cops

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@pig while you fucked my wife, i studied the pugachov rebellion,

Police brutality, request for aid 

One of our comrades was shot in the leg by a cop, and needs help.
Please help us take care of our most vulnerable street activists. The monetary goal is $3000.

Cashapp: $PDXhelp
Venmo: Protest-help

#Crowdfund #Portland #BlackLivesMatter

@pig while you studied the pugachov rebellion, i fucked your wife,

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