advertising is a psychoeconomic predator whose mechanism of operation is to financially capture artists and induce them to create in ways that collate individuals into a legible cultural taxonomy for behavioral influence. ideological media is the labor, attention is the raw resource, and minds primed for suggestion to mass behavior are the product.

the filter bubble is the liberals' truncated concept of this, blaming individuals for designing the boundaries of their own entrapment and selecting their preferred flavor of media thralldom. but, people operate within the environment they are born into, and the material reality is that the current infrastructure of total surveillance, broadcast channels, siloed communication, retail outlets, app stores, and algorithmic feeds are designed by social engineers at advertising firms.


the advertising hyperpredator and other propaganda has existed and been utilized in a primitive form since time immemorial, but its latest avatars have colonized almost every publicly viewable surface, and they dominate all communication and media infrastructure. even diy subcultures are within its taxonomy and influence and necessarily reproduce its behavior in order to survive.

we are all products of this great beast. there is apparently no escape

@_ I got a big knife, and another one I can lend you.

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