economic and social barriers to parenthood are genocide

advanced economies with no social services and asset inflation make it nearly impossible to raise children, because survival itself is precarious. whatever children you do manage to have are taken from you in all but name and obligation by full-time work and full-time education

everyone is indoctrinated to believe that having children "too early" will destroy one's potential, as if it is at all possible to climb the economic ladder. the choice to defy this is met with real costs and consequences, exacerbating poverty, driving both parent and child into the carceral system

successful indoctrination and the choice to comply is simply voluntary sterility. the carrot is forever out of reach. unless you are very economically successful, to an extent that hasn't been widely permitted in decades, and we already know how wealth correlates. nobody experiences this viscerally this until they're already pretty old and suffering the situation directly, because all children are subject to confirmation bias

and the situation is even worse for queer people. medically-assisted conception, donor gametes, and surrogacy are all additionally expensive

my advice to teens is drop out, fuck everyone. it's your only hope

if you live in a generational household, maybe your situation is better. many cultures have maintained the importance of family and community in the face of economic and social repression, and this is where it pays dividends.

everyone in a nuclear family is screwed. atomized. it's a lifestyle designed to fit perfectly into modern hypercapitalism. our parents' generation will not raise their grandchildren, because there will be none, and we won't take care of them as they fall into senile dependency because we are still too deprived as always

i hope as this suicidal culture contracts into population failure, something more compassionate takes hold


and that's why it's ok for us to raw it

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