cop who said he'd shoot any protesters who came to his door has been charged with manslaughter after shooting another cop who knocked on his door

@_ I feel bad for laughing because a man is dead but honestly get rekt pigs

@pizza don't feel bad. just remember cops wouldn't feel bad about you

@pizza @_

ya simply have to laugh. this has "what are you gonna do, stab me?" levels of comedy.

@_ finally something good comes out of trigger-happy cop paranoia

“Accidental discharge”...why are cops so fucking bad at gun safety??

@AudreyJune that's just his sloppy cover story. his gun was pressed against the door and angled to hit the guy who was standing off to the side. he clearly just fired without identifying, just as he had previously stated he planned to do

@_ oh wow, if the gun was against the door...that story really falls apart

@AudreyJune @_ well, maybe he was just cleaning his gun and *accidentally* shot the door and it just so happened what some other cop was next to it and it was just a coincidence that they died in a way he described he would kill someone else /s

@AudreyJune @_ the sad thing is that he will probably get away with a similar story

@_ @AudreyJune If there's one thing cops know, it's that you can get away with your lies easiest if you kill the only person who can tell a different story.

@lawremipsum @_

It’s funny though how that works out better for cops than anyone else.

@_ the only good cop is one is good by accident, apparently

@_ protestors: known for knocking on doors of homes where pigs live. famous for it even.

@_ jfc this is a whole new level, I was sure for a moment this must be an onion headline. How much is it gonna take before everyone agrees that cops are ignorant and dangerous? Cause they're really pulling out all the stops here.

@_ oh so when people slaughter pigs no one bats an eye but when a pig does it it's a WHOLE deal

@_ So that's what it takes for a cop to be charged after killing someone.

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