is there a fediverse livestreaming project?

fossbros this is the only thread you are allowed to reply to me

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@_ Do you mean like a federated live-streaming format, or just a self-hosted one?

@vy federated, preferably. i want it to behave like ig live where the stream receives a promoted position in the client and i can activate notifications for a particular streamer, but also have the youtube/twitch behavior where the stream becomes archived, and shows up in the media timeline and is handleable by most clients as a normal timeline item.

@_ That sounds real neat! I’m not aware of any project like that rn.

@vy i understand the client behavior is the hard part right now, and the server is the expensive part. if i have to serve it myself that would be fine. now that i have a lot of free time maybe i should look into what clients need to do

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