seeing some gender discourse on the timeline. think i'll settle this once and for all

The outermost dotted line is the infinite variety of experience and expression — the plane of consistency. The solid line just inside this is the shifting field of any given subject's near-limitless choice of possible genders. The infinite variety of expression and experience is a supersaturated fluid in which semisolid objects - or genders - having precipitated, cluster and mingle around affinity and proximity.

Two clusters of binary genders are shown in blue, but the clusters and their fields of affinity overlap with each other and mingle with Other genders - in pink - that may themselves cluster or disentangle depending on the shifting fluid movement of the plane of infinite variety.

At certain points, both binary and Other genders may achieve deterritorialization and produce lines of flight that expand the infinite variety of experience and expression outward. This deterritorialization ruptures the edges of the plane of consistenecy, allowing pockets of air to seep into the fluid gender-plane. This is the location where signification & signifying become troubled, where agender beings exist.

The model's axes and the field of play have little to do with signification (unlike binary and spectral models of gender). Instead, it's the proximity and affinity between genders that produce emergent qualities of cohesion and meaning for Beings situated in the model. Likewise, a Being may exist at multiple coordinates, including far outside the infinite variety of expression and experience.

(completely lifted from a locked account on another website which shall remain nameless)

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