@_ you should make a lewd website, otherwise you'll be lying to the people

@_ i dunno
how about every swear word you can think of in a variety of nice typefaces

@_ it's French for "le web design web site"

Design porn? Stuff from Archillect's feed, photos of old phone handsets, etc...

Mirror that guys pornhuh account that's really wholesome and not lewd at all

@_ Put the mosaic censored holding hands video on it.

@_ whatever you do with it I feel like it should have a landing page that says "your device must be turned on to continue"

@_ just make it a page with the eyes emoji ( πŸ‘€ ) and make it resize to fill the screen. That's it.

@_ I vote make it lewd. The 'porny name, wholesome content' thing has been done.

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