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girl im not dating:
me: so can i crash at your place or

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committing petty larceny. committee petting larceny.

me: I'll start meditating this week, things are gonna be a little stressful but totally manageable if i get into the habit and get some good sleep too!
also me, watching riot footage at 1:04 am: this says a lot about our society

bending down ? consider that your waist is a hinge, and that the air is the frame, and the ground is the door

yeah i will delete and redraft my replies so what

everything that happens today makes sense to me and that's kinda boring

i can't wait until some fad or social phenomenon occurs among the youth that is completely inexplicable to me. i want to be overwhelmed by social and technical advances that i no longer have the conceptual foundations to grasp

"2 can play at this game!", I shout, pointing at the label on the box

Bought this pack of Rad-Dudes cards (1990) at an art show and pulled two gamers!


putting mustard on my face instead of makeup bc it’s a more value-neutral action

what if you
wanted to go to heaven
but god said
Wine could not find a Gecko package which is required to render HTML.

Juche is the principle of manufacturing your own gamer girl bathwater

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