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have u ever noticed that people who like the things i like are good, and people who like things that i don't like are evil

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About me
• Seven individual compartments
• Durable, translucent plastic design
• Compact design
• each copartment will hold 12 aspirins
• Glows in the DArk

all the motorcycle training programs i can find require me to select a gender on the signup form so i guess i just have to ride without a license

fucking werewolves of london piano riff stuck in my head. dont awoo!

dick from a girl who died ten years ago this very night

it's called pussy because it makes biscuits on that dick

everyone on this instance is my alt actually, im gonna prove it by posting this from all my alts

training on top of a mountain to become a huge bitch

let's pool our money together and buy a decommissioned tanker truck, and then just paint "MENTAL HEALTH" on it and drive around the city every day until people start posting photos on the local subreddit and wondering what the fuck is going on.

imagine a shiny sticker on the inside of an elevator door, revealed to you as the door closes

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going to start writing scare articles for Bloomberg " are your employees ghost-zooming? are they part of the great Skill-share Roundup? Are your workers making fun of you in the Discords?"

imagine a sticker on the back of a seat on the train

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a specter is haunting guntube. the specter... of elcan

God, I know what you've done to the others. I know you intend that I shall be next. I knew it would come down to this. Draw your weapon. I will give you the first strike, out of respect for the bond we once shared.

#OtD 16 Aug 1842 during a Chartist general strike demanding universal male suffrage, troops opened fire on a demonstration in Stoke-on-Trent, killing 19-year-old shoemaker Josiah Heapy and injuring others. 146 were jailed and 54 transported to Australia.

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