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if someone hated me i would simply suggest they should kill me or shut the fuck up

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have u ever noticed that people who like the things i like are good, and people who like things that i don't like are evil

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About me
• Seven individual compartments
• Durable, translucent plastic design
• Compact design
• each copartment will hold 12 aspirins
• Glows in the DArk

Staring at Android logcat and a thing that is always interesting to me is when we have managed to recreate human anxiety conditions in a computer

I have been using the adjective "sick" an unusually large amount in the last few years. Not sure what's happening there. I simply feel a great affinity for the idea of "sickness" at present. Perhaps I feel sickness is a thing missing from my life. Is it not ironic? Under COVID many people have become sick, yet as a result the world... has become less sick. What? That's gibberish? Okay

instead of donating money to Ukraine you should buy a gun and shoot a cop

"we're going to take your blog post and break it up into byte pairs then republish those byte pairs in algorithmic order, interspersed with and alongside other people's byte pairs. cool with you?"


"too bad!"

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been muting the ads on my timeline but maybe i should just unfollow

i hope the lesson from this is clear to everyone: pointing a gun at a cop makes them less likely to kill you. pulling the trigger makes it certain they're not going to kill you

reach for a cops gun today, they are cowards


Wild Thing, part 2!

High quality red and black on white vinyl screenprinted stickers, priced to sell in quantity (5/10/20) to abolitionists, vandals and antifascist neighborhood defenders. Free shipping.

Original design by Municipal Adhesives.

Purchase here:

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what if we reached heaven 😳 and we were both violence 😳😳😳

political violence shitpost 

and here's the voting lever and of course, voting lever guard. It's very important that you don't put your finger in the voting lever guard or on the voting lever until and unless you are aware of where the firearm is aimed and intend to fire it in that direction

men will literally call every place in town only to be told its a 6 month wait for new patients plus they don't take your insurance rather than go to therapy

using my juicero bussy to flatten bophades like an empty capri sun

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