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night crew is on finally i won't feel bad about not cwing all my drugposting

me, an addict in recovery: please cw drug posts uwu
me, gleefully rethinking: mid-afternoon night crew doesn't cw punk life

me, an intellectual: legalize all drugs
me, on ketamine in public: oh god oh god just try to remember what a sidewalk is cars can hurt you WHAT IS THAT OH FUCK OH GOD STAY ON THE SIDEWALK

its halloween its halloween its halloween its halloween its halloween

playing around w collage n stuff 

cuties in sleeveless tops boost if u agree

i always feel weird using y'all to refer to fewer than three people, but still want a pronoun for talking to two people. for this reason, hearkening back to the dual form in Ancient Greek, i propose the introduction of "y'both". in this essay, i willβ€”

my brother’s english textbook reads like capitalist dystopia

Tech, licensing, ICE 

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