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have u ever noticed that people who like the things i like are good, and people who like things that i don't like are evil

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About me
• Seven individual compartments
• Durable, translucent plastic design
• Compact design
• each copartment will hold 12 aspirins
• Glows in the DArk

we live in the stupidest timeline

the fbi operative who led an attempt to purge the govt of anti-trump sentiment was apparently named dick seddon

NEW MIMIDEATH!!!!!!!! RUN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

putting in my day's work at the outside agitator factory. breaking windows, putting cop cars on fire, looting small businesses. it's a hard living, but an honest one

my lawyer friend (who is helping foundseed go legit) asked me once why I didn’t just garden in a designated community space. i think the answer came to him when my little unapproved community garden space became legitimate due to sheer force of will.
if we all simply did what we were allowed to do, there would be nothing new in the world.

rage against the machine was founded by richard stallman when he got really mad at a printer. few know this

you vaxxed up? my gal gelly is opening grind at poorboys in nola tonight! come dance

Fossbro but they're constantly evangelizing the free civilization 2 clone freeciv

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apparently cum on a sunburn hurts

tiem to delet some posts
delet the poast is selfcare

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“Were there not an Israel, the United States would need to invent an Israel to protect her interests in the region.”
-Joe Biden

make no mistake, the US isn't beholden to or controlled by Israel, rather, Israel is a crucial client of the US, serving imperial interests

i looked up "webmd why is my girlfriend so pretty" and it says i have 24 hours left to live

floating lights

nikon n2000, pentax-a 28mm f/2.8, fuji superia 400

"I don't know enough about X to say who is good or bad" then go read some shit about it you ignorant dumbass. you've got the entirety of human collective knowledge at your finger tips, maybe put it to use rather than implicitly supporting the status quo over and over via your ignorance

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